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Consumer Matters

Consumer Matters  

Wills, Trusts, and Estates 


Making a will is on everyone's list of things to do, but it never quite makes it to the top of the list.  Whether it is a subconscious aversion to our own mortality, or the actual need never rises to the level of making it a priority (probably a little from column A and a little column B...), most people really delay making one. We are here to take the pain out of the process and get you what you need.  
We create last wills and testaments of all shapes and sizes, from single with no children to secondary marriages with step children and grandchildren while preserving prior marital assets for distribution to step-children, giving pro rata distributions to direct children, and making exceptions for special needs children and grandchildren. Whatever your needs and desires are, we have you covered. All Wills come with a Health Care Proxy (appointing someone to make medical decisions for you), a Living Will (declaring your health care intentions), and Powers of Attorney. (appointing someone with power of attorney to handle your affairs when you cannot)


We also create trusts for a myriad of needs. We do Special Needs Trusts, for persons who have disabilities and need a little extra help moving forward; Spendthrift Trusts for the people in your life that you would like to leave something to but, lets say have difficulties with creditors and budgeting in general...; trusts with retained lifetime interests in the grantor (the person contributing the asset) so the asset can be enjoyed during the lifetime and automatically distributed to beneficiaries without incurring family friction; we do Medicaid Trusts for the smooth transition into assisted retirement (REMEMBER: the Medicaid look-back is FIVE YEARS so plan ahead).  If you can think it, we can write it. 

Most people really don't need 'estate planning' in earnest. However, certain families with accumulated wealth and interests require additional planning to minimize the bite of the tax-man. Also, and even more important sometimes, owners of small businesses, multiple businesses, and multiple interests (persons making loans, owning passive interests in private businesses, etc.) very much need to put their estate in order because usually the rest of their family has no idea exactly what irons are in the fire, how to extract them out of the fire, how to monetize them, and how to do it in a tax-efficient way. We can help. 

Timeshare extraction 

Sometimes people buy timeshares and experience lifestyle changes or the point system over time doesn't get them what it used to. The contracts that are signed often times are onerous and draconian leaving you feeling trampled and helpless. We may be able to help extract you from that situation. 

Consumer third party debt collection 

Unfortunately, we sometimes get behind the 8 ball and the creditors come knocking. It doesn't feel good and you feel like you cannot breath or get on with your life. We can intervene and help negotiate with direct creditors and negotiate a bit more aggressively with third party debt collectors. You have rights under the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (federal law) and sometimes we can help keep the wolves at bay. 

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Tax Certiorari 

Tax Certiorari is the process of contesting real property assessments for business and individual real property. We get comparable property values and assessments from comparable property, identify material discrepancies between the subject property and the comparables, put it in a logical and comprehensive form and send it to the local Board of Assessment, and possible judicial review of that assessment if proper. 

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